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February 2016

Lux SavvySassyMoms giveaway

Lux SavvySassyMoms giveaway 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
My sweet friends over at SavvySassyMoms are having an awesome giveaway right now called the 2016 Luxe Winter Survival Guide.  Its got some amazing goodies for staying indoors, when you venture out, and keeping your skin in check during these cold winter months.  Little Giraffe and SavvySassyMoms sent me over a sample of the luxurious scarf and glove set to model for you and trust me, you want this! This set alone is a $73 value! 
Giveaway ends Monday.

Sweet & Southern Things

Sweet & Southern Things 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Today, I’m teaming up with Sweet & Southern Things and I’m featuring these AMAZING jewelry pieces!
I found this sweet girl on Instagram and just knew I wanted to work with her.
I mean, aren’t they INCREDIBLE?!
AND, they’re handpainted!
You can find them and all her other adorable goodies here!

Bracelet & Necklace – Sweet & Southern Things
Dress – Lilly Pulitzer
Thanks so much SST for providing these beautiful pieces!

Kuhfs by Amy Olson

Kuhfs by Amy Olson 150 150 Jenn Pennell
 Hello Love!
Small businesses hold a special place in my heart and they are my favorite companies to work with. Having owned a gift shop for 8 years I know how important it is to buy from mom and pop businesses.  I would much rather give my money to my local girlie shop or support a mother on Etsy rather than buy from a big box store. 

When Amy from Kuhfs contacted me about working with her
I mean, she was on Good Morning America and won a Shark Tank contest!   GO AMY! 
The Kuhfs arrived very quickly and came beautifully packaged with an instructional card on how to put them on.  Easy as pie!  They stayed in place marvelously and I didn’t have to adjust them once.  I cannot wait to wear them with my capri pants once the weather gets warmer.  You’ll be seeing them a lot on Shaw Avenue!

I of course went with the Hamptons pattern because, let’s face it, I can’t turn down anything plaid. They added the perfect little pop of color and texture to my outfit.

They can easily be worn on your pants as a cuff or layered on your boots!