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October 30, 2015

Oh my.
I really didn’t need another obsession!
These bracelets haven’t become a huge trend yet here in the TN Valley, but its coming!  I bought my first one earlier this month in Disney World and knew as soon as I bought it I was doomed!  I went the next day hoping to find one at Universal Studios to represent our favorite, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but they didn’t carry them.  Bummer. I found a boutique in Daytona Beach that carried them and bought the sand dollar, since RJ and I spend the majority of our beach days finding seashells.  When we got home from FL, I just couldn’t give up the idea of getting one for Harry Potter.  I finally decided to go with the amazing feather bangle.  SWOON! 
Last week, a few of our family members from Ohio came to visit and my aunt brought me the clover bangle.  Clovers are kind of a thing in our family. 🙂
You can find them each here!
Disney // Alex + Ani
Sand Dollar // Alex + Ani
Feather // Alex + Ani
Clover // Alex + Ani


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