Shaw Avenue’s Fall Trends Pt 2.

September 2, 2015
Hello Love!
I mean, I guess it’s going to be a given now that if I take photos in my back yard #izzythedestroyer is guaranteed to be in the photos. HA! This beast of a dog has become quite the photo bomber and I don’t see her stopping any time soon.
 I’m sure you know by now that I’m a scout for and I’m writing some fashion articles for them.  With cooler weather on the way, I’m showing off some of my new favorite pieces for fall 2015.  From dresses to boots, flats to hats, I’m gonna show you all the good stuff and where to find it. 
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A few weeks ago I received a “Happy Box” from Natural Life that had all kinds of fabulous goodies in it.  When I pulled out this dress, I knew it would be a favorite.  The colors are perfect for fall and I knew that even if it was sleeveless, I could layer it up.  Paired up with an olive button down and my favorite pair of ankle booties, I knew it would be adorable!

Dress // Red Traveler Dress by Natural Life (IT’S ON SALE FOR $27!!)
Shirt // American Eagle (past season, but find similar piece here)
Necklace // Wholesale Boutique but similar here.
Bracelet // Bought on Etsy, but similar one here.
Booties // Cole Haan
Thanks so much to sweet Ansley at Natural Life for sending me this BEAUTIFUL dress!

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