Hello there new beautiful phone case!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

 Oh that Verizon. They're quite clever folk, aren't they?  I was SO PSYCHED when I got an email from them last March offering me A FREE IPHONE 5C. Even after paying the $30 upgrade fee, I was so excited to be getting a new phone.  Then I went to find a case for the phone.
Well, impossible to find a cute one that would withstand the tornados that are my kids...and myself  :)
I had simple and plain ones until I found this AAHHHHHHmazing case from Suite7Seven. I found them through their instagram page and I had the hardest time picking out which one to get! I went with the classic black & white ANDILOVEIT!

Yeah, I think you need one of these! I promise you you'll want one after seeing all her fabulous styles!
Thanks so much Seven7Seven for gifting this amazing case!!

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