Shaw Avenue's Fall trends Pt. 1


 Oh, my.
So today I went to my FAVORITE shoe store and scored ANOTHER huge deal! I've been seeing all the popular fashion bloggers blogging these fabulous shoes and knew I would eventually find a cute knock-off pair to wear this fall......
When I was driving home from work today, I knew the store was calling my name.  She does this to me about once a week so I thought I might as well since I didn't have my children with me and could really look around.  They're switching over to winter shoes so the shelves were a little on the bare side.  I turned the corner and I see these shoes.  I say to myself, no, those cannot be Stuart Weitzman's...

no way....

 ::GASP::  THEY ARE!!!!!!!

You won't believe how much they are originally!
I couldn't wait to come home and photograph them!  I've been pretty much dying to wear this AMAZING handmade ascot from my sweet friend Jenn over at BoeMoChic on Etsy and I knew it would look amazing with these shoes!
Shirt // Riders
Pants // GAP
Ascot // BoeMoChic on Etsy
Shoes // Stuart Weitzman
Jacket // The Limited