Project: Front porch. Part 1

July 6, 2015
 4 1/2 years ago my husband built a house.
But not just any house.
Our home.
We sold our old house in April 2010, moved in with my in-laws in May, broke ground in June, had our last child in July, and moved in Christmas Eve of that year.  It felt like forever to get it done but it was perfect.
The only problem with building your own house is, it takes FOREVER to really finish it. We still have crown molding unpainted and projects still incomplete, but with three growing children, those types of things just get pushed back to the back burner.  And that’s perfectly fine.
Our front porch has been so neglected, but it’s time to shine is coming soon.
I have a new bench to paint, the rockers need repainted, shutters to hang beside the door, and mucho décor to put out.
First up,
a wreath for the front door.
I have multiple seasonal ones I put out but I needed a general one to put out between holidays.
Burlap + Monograms = Perfection!
Let’s go!
 Step one:  Iron the burlap! 
This is a real pain because burlap is soooooo messy but it’s necessary!

Projects ALWAYS need music and today’s playlist?
The Mumford & Sons station on Pandora.

Supplies needed:
3 yards or so of burlap
12 inch wreath
Initial monogram – can find at your local gift shop, Etsy, or craft store
Glue Gun
Wreath hanger
Fishing line or floral wire to tie on your letter


After ironing your burlap to get out those creases and wrinkles, I cut it into 3 inch strips.  Don’t be afraid to go a little larger…I wish I would have 🙂

Tie a knot to get it started…

And start weaving!
I always start in the middle…

Then to the top and then the bottom and just keep going!
Middle, top, bottom, middle, top, bottom.

To connect my pieces, I glued them together with my glue gun.
This is just the fastest way to get it done!
Tie on your letter and you’re DONE!
Super easy & super cute!
I love, love, LOVE it!
Kinda wish I would have painted that letter black though…..
I may have to change that 🙂 

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