Americasmart market

July 10, 2015
 My mom and I ventured to Atlanta’s Americasmart a today to buy all the newest & greatest stuff for her Hallmark store and we had a GREAT time!
She bought some AMAZING new products and I can’t wait to see them in her shop!
We ran into my homies over at The Home T and man, were they BUSY!  Their showroom was absolutely booming, which means it’s a new hot thing!  You can always tell by the crowds.
The amazing folks sent me one of their tees and I wore it over in my curly hair routine post.
You reeeeealy aren’t supposed to take pictures of things at market, but I managed to sneak a few.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of everything!

I found some AMAZING clothes on this trip too!
I’ll post them all tomorrow!

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