Mixing patterns

Friday, March 27, 2015

 We've certainly been spoiled by the 70+ degree weather here in Tennessee the past few days, but after using almost all our built in snow days, I'm not going to complain about today's high temp of 55.  It's not perfect, but if I can get out without putting on a coat, then I'm good!
Today's look is all about mixing patterns and not being afraid to do so!
Plaid, polka dots, and leopard all in one and I LOVE IT!
I'm going to hate putting away this rock salt flannel from JCrew.  I wish it was made of regular cotton material so I could "rock" it all summer long.....hardy har har!
Do you like mixing up your patterns or is it too "out there" for you?
Want my opinion?

Plaid flannel - J. Crew (sold out in stores so I had to buy it on eBay)
Sweatshirt - AmyAnneApparel
Pants - Old Navy
Ballet Flats - Leopard Tieks

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