The Minkoff

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello Love!

Today's post is all about my new new love, The Minkoff.
While digging around through my local TJ Maxx's clearance section last week I stumbled upon this gleaming gold chain.

"Could it be?" I thought.
"There's no way." I said, silently to myself.

Then I saw the tag...
My eyes grew as big as saucers and fireworks were going off in my body as I took that beautiful fuchsia bag off the rack.

I. about. died.

Not only was it a real live Rebecca Minkoff handbag in my hands, but it had been marked down from the TJMaxx price of $150 to a clearance price of $69.99!!

I. about. died. 

Belted Shirt Dress : Target
Purse : Rebecca Minkoff : TJ Maxx
Shoes : TOMS burlap wedges


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