Mail day!

Hello Love!

Yesterday was a G O O D mail day!  Most of the lovelies here are from the fantastic JCrew Factory sale they've been running.  My "Hello Gorgeous" cousin, Angela, posted this AE blanket scarf the other day and

My favorite purchase was the dupe JCrew herringbone vest!  Keep scrolling to find out more about it!

You'll find these goodies here!
Guava Shorts : out of stock, but Caribbean Blue are available : $21.99
Note:  I bought these right after New Years when they were running an
additional 40% off their clearance.  Keep watching for another sale!

So, my dupe JCrew Herringbone vest is pretty cute right?  Well, you'd never guess in a million years where its from!
I mean, who knew right?!  I've been wanted the JCrew version f o r e v e r, but have struggled to find one (at a price I want to pay!)
I googled "herringbone vest" the other day and this one popped up! $9.99, are you kidding me?!!
 I took a chance, and I LOVE IT!