Monograms, the Southern staple.

Hello Love!
Today I want to chat about my love affair with monogramming. Being a girl from the South, I’ve always been obsessed with sweet tea, pearl necklaces, and magnolia trees. Monograms are a staple icon here, but I didn’t fully embrace it until I had my daughters.

Monogrammed items flooded the market in 2006-2007 when I started my gift shop, Razzberryz. More than 50% of the items in my shop were monogrammed and in 2012, we added our vinyl cutting machine. We monogrammed everything from tumblers, to household items, and cars. A year later we added a heat press machine so we could monogram fabric items, such as tees and tote bags.

When I started Shaw Avenue in 2015, I knew monogramming would be a huge part of my brand.  I reached out to AmyAnneApparel on Etsy a few months after starting and we hit it off right away.  After a year of working together she sent me a box of monogrammed Charles River Apparel goodies, including a New England rain coat, rain boot socks, and a striped rugby shirt.  Last summer, CRA held a blogger contest where the winner would win a trip to Boston to visit them and sweet Amy tagged me in the post. As most of you know, I won the contest! Jason and I flew to Boston at the end of September and it was one of the best trips of my life! We got to meet the staff and tour their huge facility, as well as see new products coming out and talk all things monogramming.

A HUGE thank you to Charles River Apparel for sponsoring this post and featuring me as your first Monogram Monday girl! 

Shirt - Target // Gray vest - Charles River Apparel Heathered vest c/o // Raincoat - Charles River Apparel New England Raincoat c/o

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