Hello Love!
I have been a lover of yoga since I first stepped into my first hot yoga class almost 4 years ago.  Taking classes are my favorite way to exercise, but there just isn't the time for that every week.  
I bought myself a set of yoga videos a few years ago and I've enjoyed doing them at home but trying to breathe and meditate while your children are running around crazy, constantly asking to be fed, and bugging the hound out of you is not relaxing by any means.  Being in a studio with it's soft music and calmness makes it so much easier to concentrate on what you're doing.
My poor pink yoga mat has seen better days so when this adorable mat arrived in my PopSugar #musthavebox I.was.excited!! This is my 5th Must Have Box and probably my favorite one yet.  Include the code SHOP5 (which never expires) at checkout for $5 off your FIRST Must Have Box! 
Shirt // The Home T
Workout Leggings // LuLaRoe Jordan (Rep. Lisa Rossiter)

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