Sunday Funday

Hello Love!
It's Sunday FUNDAY!
I hope you've had a fabulous weekend!
I've been a little down with the sinus junk, but I've managed to get all my Christmas décor down and did A LOT of work for Shaw Avenue. 
I'm collaborating with THECUTEST Etsy shops ever in the coming weeks and will be showing you some adorable pieces!
The gloomy weather and Christmas décor/messy house kinda had me down today so I put on some pink and stepped outside to enjoy the 55 degree weather.  I personally don't think it needs to get any cooler than that.  Right?

They are worn and gross, but they are my favorite!

 Scarf : Lilly Pulitzer
Vest : Lilly Pulitzer
White Sweatshirt : Old Navy
Jeans : Target
Shoes : Converse
(RJ totally made me do it)

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