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Buying clothes on a budget

Sweater - Lilly Pulitzer // Jeans - Old Navy // Clutch - DaisyFayeDesigns // Ballet flats - Metallic Gold Tieks // Watch - Wristology // Bracelet - Etsy // Sunnies - 7 For All Mankind (similar here)

7 months ago I made a decision to make a huge change in my life.

I decided to quit my job.

I decided to quit my job as a secretary at a local middle school to be a stay at home mom and work for my cousin on the side to help bring in a little income.  Fast forward to now, I am absolutely IN LOVE with my job and have brought on two more clients, whom I truly adore with all my heart! 

Now that I am home full time I have learned to watch my money very closely.  I was never one to save money and would pretty much blow most of it on things I didn't need, and owning a fashion blog definitely didn't help the old bank account.  After sitting down and having MANY heart-to-heart talks with my husband about our future, our kids future, and our lives in general we decided that we really couldn't wait any longer to start saving money, and saving hard.  My sweet husband has always been so incredibly smart with our money and I am so very thankful that he's always been the opposite of me. Even in just half a year I've done enough saving that I just sent in my last car payment, a FULL YEAR early! I couldn't have been prouder than when I dropped that letter in the mailbox.

Saving is hard, especially with three kids who are involved in a lot of stuff, and growing like weeds.  I've been very mindful of all my purchases and try to save any way I can.  While in TJMaxx last week I fell in love with a pink Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater and knew it would be perfect to match a lot in my wardrobe, but it was $29.99.  Did I really need to spend $30 on a sweater that I REALLY didn't need? I've been so busy with everything lately that I've really let Shaw Avenue fall by the wayside so I really couldn't justify that as a good reason to buy it.  And I know what you're thinking, it's just $30, but that could go toward a tank of gas or new ballet shoes. Not a sweater.
I didn't get it........but I went back a few days later to get it...but I still.couldn't.buy.it.  We've been doing so good and even though I really wanted it, there were more important things to buy.

A few days later while I was cleaning my closet and was straightening the sweater shelf when it hit me, I need to look on eBay for a pink sweater.  When on eBay I always head straight to looking at Lilly Pulitzer stuff, because it's my favorite.  Not even a minute into my search was this beautiful coral sweater. I am a very careful buyer and make sure I know it's a great purchase before I buy.  I looked over every photo, no wear and tear, no pilling, no fading, and it looked pretty darn perfect.
Y'all, I got it for $3 + $4 shipping.
Just $7 for this beautiful sweater that is just as gorgeous as the $30 RL one.

I am so so thankful for eBay and the wonderful people who I've been able to buy from.  I've had just a tiny few not-so-good purchases, but the rest have by far made up for those.

Are you a lover of eBay?  What great deals have you scored?
If you haven't ever bought from eBay and find it a little intimidating, I'm always here to help!  Just email or message me!  I'll be more than happy to help you.

My journey into photography + our fall family photos

Hello Love!
Almost 5 years ago I decided that a point & shoot camera just wasn't working for taking the photos I wanted to take of my babies. I would see these photos on Facebook and Pinterest with that dreamy, blurry background and I would long for beautiful photos like that. I owned the gift shop at the time and couldn't afford to have professional photos taken all the time of them so I took the plunge.  I went on eBay and bought an older model Canon DSL camera and the cheapest 50mm 1.8/f lens I could find and self-taught myself how to take photos.  I watched countless hours of YouTube videos and practiced everyday on my babes.  It soon became a passion of mine and I opened my photography business 1 1/2 years later.  Working full-time, having three kids, and then doing sessions put a lot of stress on my family so I had to cut back on that business, never losing my love for it.
Who would have thought knowing this trade would lead me to having my own fashion blog, because without it, I would have never been able to keep it up.  With a little help from my family and a great amount of support from my husband, it has turned into something great that has benefitted us all; it has lead me also to my new career as a VA for 3 different bloggers.  Knowing the system has given me this amazing new job where I help these other bloggers with their daily activities and allows me to work from home, where I am always available to do everything with my children, from attending field trips to being the first to hear about their school day when I pick them up.
I am so, so thankful that I got on eBay that day, because if not, I wouldn't be here today!

The camera set in the photos belong to my daughter, RJ, who snaps all my photos for Shaw Avenue!  I currently use a Canon 6D + Canon 50mm f/1.4 & 85mm f/1.8 lenses for all my blog photos.

Shirt - TJ Maxx // Jeans - Gap // Camera - Canon 60D // Lens - Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 // Camera Strap - Marleylilly c/o // Camera bag - Lily Jade c/o // Floral scarf - DaisyFayeDesigns c/o

Thanks Marleylilly for sponsoring this post!

Knitted ponchos and blush pink

Hello Love!
Can you believe Christmas is only 6 days away?!  My kiddos are officially on winter break and I love when they're home with me...except when they're fighting like cats and dogs and acting like a bunch of psychos #letsbehonest.

I received this yummy chunky poncho last week from BGG Knits and it's amazing!  The knit is absolutely perfect and it kept me so warm while running Christmas errands the other day. I love this RAW color because it matches everything but the gravel gray (which was sold out) is TODIEFOR. Worn with my favorite blush pink booties, which were a steal from Pink Blush, and my new pink clutch from DaisyFayeDesigns, it was pure yumminess!

Knitted poncho - BGG Knits c/o // Jeans - Levi's 710 // Boots - Pink Blush c/o // Clutch - DaisyFayeDesign c/o